Christianity has played a fundamental role in the history of Europe. Today, however, churches are more empty than full, and Christian belief is increasingly considered a relic of history.

Careful consideration, however, will reveal that Christian beliefs about the world are actually rather compelling, and an academically rigorous defence and discussion thereof continues. This conversation exists in large part in the English speaking world and is unfortunately less accessible for native German speakers.

We know, of course, that most Germans speak conversational English fairly well. But the level of philosophical and linguistic complexity present in defences of the Christian faith is often far more complex than a second-language knowledge of English can handle.

Our Goal

We believe that German speaking people would benefit from 1) more access to the improving defences of Christianity that exist today by being able to read and hear it more easily in their own language, and 2) a community where these ideas can freely be discussed in German.

We want to make the investigation and discussion of the Christian faith more accessible to German speakers, through the translation of English apologetics works and the fostering of a respectful community in which to discuss these ideas. We are Christians who care about truth, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to take Christianity seriously.

How we Work

We translate English apologetics works (articles, podcasts, videos, short books) into German with the permission of the original authors through the help of linguistically skilled volunteers. We also have future plans to build an online community in which to discuss these questions with those interested.

Who are we?

We are an international and ecumenical group situated in Hamburg, Germany. Our motivation is simple: to honor God by proclaiming his truth and making his message available to all. No, we aren't here to convert you. We're here to give everyone an opportunity to better understand Christianity.

Glaubensfutter.de is passionately built and maintained to the Glory of God in Hamburg, Germany ♥